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Level 1-4 classes available as well as fundamental tumbling class! We also offer team tumbling classes for school and recreation teams. Contact us today for availaibity!

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Join our competition teams today! We offer both travel and non-travel options. We also offer Cheer 101 which is perfect for someone new to cheerleading, only interested in learning the fundamentals of the sport!

No previous cheerleading experience is required!

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A ninja program for kids is a fun and safe way for children to learn ninja skills. They will do exercises, play games, and complete obstacle courses that help improve their physical abilities like agility, strength, and coordination.

The program is designed to be exciting and engaging, with trained instructors guiding the children through the activities. It's a chance for kids to have fun, be active, and unleash their inner ninja!



Gym Smart is a 10-month program for your active 3 to 5-year-old.

During these classes, we focus on independent learning as well as group learning skills. Our instructors teach the fundamentals of tumbling, core strength, balance, and flexibility in a fun and active learning environment.

We also incorporate fun learning concepts such as colors, shapes, letters, and numbers- perfect for your preschooler.

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