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Here at Cheer-Tastics Crush, we are proud of the relationships we have formed with our local Middle School and High School cheer teams and excited to offer them a discounted team tumbling class. Each class is one hour long. Along with the team coach, we decide on a day or time that works for your team to come in and build their tumbling skills!

If you have a team who is interested in setting up a team tumbling time, contact us today at or by completing the form below.

Prices are set at $45.00 monthly per athlete 

Team Registration

Your Name

Number of Athletes for Training:

Please enter a number from 10 to 50.

Athletes must pay the full fee at the beginning of the session. they may pay the gym directly or the coach may collect all funds on behalf of the athlete. All athletes must have a waiver on file for Twister Sports signed by their parent or guardian. Coaches are not required to be at the team trainings, but are encouraged to attend when possible.

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